Nice: Paradise Lost

The cover of our local newspaper tells the story of Paradise Lost:


The artist Mesia puts it even more touchingly:

Mesia drawing

Such a bleu-blanc-rouge waves outside Bellevue, too. The flag is an ever-present sentry at the tip of a quay jutting into the Mediterranean bay. It flaps day and night, in blazing sunshine and howling mistral – until the endless winds, rays and saltwater of the Côte d’Azur render it an embarrassment. An invisible hand eventually brings a new flag, but otherwise no one seems to bother with it. Today, though, our tricolore has shimmied halfway down its pole:


French Lessons says a gros merci for the emails flooding into our inboxes. Here in nearby Antibes, a relative backwater to Nice, the police were surveying the beach road this morning. Sirens blare more frequently than usual – or maybe their NEE-eu NEE-eu simply sounds more acute. Festivals up and down the Côte d’Azur are cancelled for reasons of security and national mourning.


A friend SMSs this afternoon. She, too, had tickets to Jazz-à-Juan tonight. “I say we TRY to live life and not let the terrorists win!” An Earth, Wind & Fire concert morphs into a group dinner.

 Restez Calme et Tenez Bon. Keep Calm and Carry On. That’s what we do – at least those of us who still can.

18 thoughts on “Nice: Paradise Lost

  1. Evelyn was glad to learn that Lolo was not nearby. We watched the security forces prepare D.C. for the 4th a few weeks ago, prompting lots of questions. It is a sad and scary world for our girls to try to understand.

  2. Glad to hear that you’re all OK! Was about to send an email, but being inefficient as usual you beat me to it! All our love, Michel et Petra. X

  3. Thanks for your thoughtful words. We were thinking of you. The world needs to find a much better way to deal with its fear.

  4. Quite a challenge for you to respond to this atrocity but you did it so perfectly. The photos, art, words all give the understanding of grief and frustration. It’s what we all feel. France is the oldest ally of the US so we all suffer. You can imagine how grateful I am for your safety!

  5. I’m so happy your family is safe and so sad this carnage is threatening your beautiful area. I enjoyed a weeks stay along that beautiful promenade years ago and hope to revisit someday.

  6. In the midst of the chaos and unrest, my hope for you is peace that passes understanding. And may your lives be a calming balm to many. Eyes to see and heart to respond to the hurting. XO

  7. We were in shock learning about this senseleas tragedy. So glad you are all safe. Thinking of you all.

  8. So glad to see your post and to know your family is ok. We also recieved word this morning that cousins in Turkey are safe and well. It is such a small world when danger across the globe is close to family. Love to you all – especially your daughter.

  9. Your words are eloquent and heart-felt as always. I’m sending hugs and saying prayers for your family – and the world. I find it reassuring to remember that good, caring people on this planet are the abounding majority.

  10. In the shadow of this tragedy, all we can do is question ”why?’’
    Why do people take their personal, unresolved anger, hatred, and fear to such inhumane levels?
    Stay safe. The Sun will shine again.

  11. Beautifully put. hugs to you all and to your whole community. It is a complicated world, but much beauty and goodness remains, and we must celebrate that every day.

  12. A group dinner was undoubtedly the best way to spend the evening after such a heartbreaking attack in Nice. Friendship, family and shared emotion. I hope to see you to exchange a gentle hug before we leave next week.

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